Friday, December 9, 2011

The cannibal

A cannibal is cutting a hole in your scull
And eating your brain
You think you’re still alive
Still breathing, still feeling, still thinking
But you are mistaken
For what he’s taken
You don’t want it back
You’re comfortable in a trance
Listening to the voices in your head
What are they saying?
Are you really hearing
What you’ve most been fearing
It’s appearing and disappearing
Floating on thin ice
Could you be breaking
The most precious gift ever given
Have you kept it hidden
Not wanting the world to see
Who you really are
Behind the glitter and the stars
If not now then when
When will you stand up for what you believe in
Ready to be true
Break down the barriers
Let the light shine through
Restore and renew
Assess the situation
Have some patients
Have forgiveness
Take your time but don’t waste time
Use the space, don’t take the space
Break the cage
Feel the love

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