Friday, December 23, 2011

true 2 urself

If it's true that our choices are dictated by societies norms and tastes and that we as humans have no free will, then what are the real differences between individual human beings?

Despite what we may share with others, we are all unique individuals. Siblings share the same society,school and family life but each have their own distinct character and sometimes can be completely different. The primary material that is evident in each human being from birth is what gives each individual their true wealth. If everything else is simply what we have picked up from our environment then the only thing that can really represent our true selves is what we are born with. To try and modify who you really are could be quite dangerous; denying natural impulses can only bring more emptiness into the world. If you are not yourself, then who are you? That doesn't mean that reacting emotionally without thinking is the answer either. The point is that we can only truly accept ourselves if we know who we really are. If we don't give ourselves the time to examine the route of our own feelings and actions, how can we be sure that our actions are our own and not simply what we have learned from a corrupt society?

Having said that, we cannot deny that in the physical world in which we are aware of; nothing is permanent. Every object upon this green earth is constantly developing. You are not the same as you were yesterday and tomorrow you will change again. Just because we are not conscious of these changes it does not mean that they do not exist. No matter how similar one day can seem to another, there are differences in your thought patterns and how they interact with the environment.

Every organism abandons its previous forms and acquires new ones under the influence of four factors:

1. Origin (What you were born with)
2. Evolution that stems from its own nature (The way you as an organism develop naturally)
3. Evolution that changes under the influence of external factors (The impact the environment has on your development)
4. Evolution and transformation of external factors (The influence of changes in the environment)

Awareness is a good thing and something that helps us to become more conscious of our own actions. The desire to conform is often so strong that we sacrifice not only the precious primary material that each individual is born with, but we forget to do what we know in our conscience is the morally correct action in any given situation, if that could risk our chances of being part of the group.

As children we are all small, helpless and full of fear. The rules of the playground prepare us for the rules we need to follow if we wish to fit in to the society in which we live. Young children are very aware of societies values or the lack of them. If our society values material objects then children will also value them. To fit into the group in the playground children need to have the correct material objects. The pressure to conform is almost impossible to resist at such a young and impressionable age. Those who don't conform to the norm often suffer immensely until they find a group that they can fit into; of non conformists like themselves who often follow the same rules as their group.

The point about the childhood experiences for many growing up in societies which have lost any real moral or spiritual values they may have once had, is that we are denied the opportunity to develop naturally. In other words; each individual's Evolution that stems from its own nature is somewhat denied under circumstances where that individual is not able to accept their own origin and natural development. The key is to be aware of ourselves and when we find ourselves in a safe environment we need to at least give ourselves the chance to think about how these four factors have influenced our life choices.


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